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VRI Tech Group Expert in drive systems, hoisting and lifting technology

About VRI Tech Group

VRI Tech Group, powered by Van Raad Investments BV, is a group of interrelated technology companies in the Netherlands with national coverage. What characterizes these companies is their focus on drives, lifting, and hoisting.

The companies have extensive knowledge of hydraulics, pneumatics, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and mechatronics. This knowledge is applied as a manufacturer and service partner in the areas of installation and machine construction, service and maintenance, overhaul, and inspections. We operate in the sectors of industry, energy, marine, and theater technology, holding necessary certifications such as VCA, ISO9001, and ISO14001.

In order to make better use of knowledge and competences within the companies, mutual resources are utilized. This allows us to jointly undertake new challenging projects in various disciplines, with each company having its own specialization. Capacity can also be easily upscaled where necessary. To facilitate this, we work in one central ERP system group wide which allows for an efficient approach to shared projects.

Innovation is at the heart of our group. We are constantly working to optimize processes in industrial automation. As a result, we can fully automate and maintain a production process using cobots and robotic machines, among other things. This is just a small sample of the many possibilities that we, as a group of companies, can offer. For more information on who we are and what we do, please read further on this page. Please visit the websites of the individual companies for a further look on the different disciplines we serve.

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Integron Aandrijftechniek and Integron Marine Controls together form Integron Group and have been active in the regional industry, oil and gas sector, Defense installations, and marine industry since 1967. With our own 24/7 emergency service, performing inspection, maintenance, and overhaul activities, and the (re)engineering of technical installations, we ensure the reliability of production facilities and pipeline networks. We are specialized in hydraulics, pneumatics, and fittings and provide all related services and components.

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Since 1989, Wadcon has been engineering, producing, and installing automated production systems for the industry, such as production machines, assembly machines, testing machines, and fully automated horizontal product carrier systems. To this end, Wadcon has developed its own unique control platform based on TRIO as well as its own innovative horizontal transport system: Move-it. We are also specialists in integrating cobots and robots, e.g., through our own Tool-it. Our innovations demonstrate a strong vision for Industry 4.0.

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Since 1991, Habeload has been active in developing and producing safe, high-quality, ergonomic lifting solutions. The range of Habeload consists of manually operated lifting aids, semi-automatic lifting aids, and high-end fully automatic lifting aids, the Lift-it. Standard and customized. This optimizes your production process and helps prevent absenteeism. Habeload distinguishes itself in the market through its innovative products that have been developed with a focus on Industry 4.0.

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Since 1985, Dutch Theatre Systems & Services (DTS²) supplies mechanizations and automations to theaters, stages and other venues as turnkey System Integrator. DTS² designs constructions, fly bar systems, orchestra pit lifts, stage lifts and truck lifts and works closely with reliable partners in the field of control systems and hoisting and lifting equipment. Installation, maintenance and service of these installations and systems is managed in-house: DTS² is a contractual maintenance partner for more than 100 clients. Long-term maintenance budgets are offered to provide theaters with clarity. Together with its partners, DTS² realizes renovation projects and new construction projects throughout Europe.

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Munter Elektro, formerly known as S.Munter Elektrotechniek BV, has been operating as a nationally operating, medium-sized installation company since 1974, and is a well-established name in Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht. We provide electrical engineering and electrical control panel building services, as well as the installation and maintenance of electrical, control, and telematics systems. We serve new construction projects, renovation projects, and maintenance projects, primarily for industrial clients but also for private sector projects.

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SCALA stage systems & services is sinds 2023 gespecialiseerd in het bouwen van hoogwaardige installaties voor theaters. Wij zorgen voor alle beweging in het theater: van automatisch bewegende decors tot aan volwaardige control units. SCALA combineert hoogwaardige technieken uit allerlei verschillende vakgebieden: hydrauliek, elektromechanica, aandrijftechniek, PLC’s en zeer hoogwaardige besturingstechniek. Zo bedienen wij een breed scala aan theaters in Europa en Azië! 


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